Sunday, December 1

It Just Means That You're Human.

Why do we feel embarrassed when we fall for somebody.
As if it were this thing that other people have figured out how to control, and that because you chose someone that didn't choose you back, you've gone and done something ridiculous.

First of all, I don't think that we choose who to fall for. I think that we choose who we allow ourselves to think about and that we have the power to exert self control and that an unhealthy thought life will produce an unhealthy obsession. But I do not think that we ever choose who is going to steal our heart away. I think that people can have that effect on us without our permission. I think that when you appreciate someone, the little things about who they are. When you want to be close to someone even if you don't understand why. If their hurts and struggles kinda tear you up inside. If you fall for someone, even though they don't fall back, thats nothing to be ashamed about. That just means that you're human babe.

and being human is hard, so good job.


Jill said...

"when you want to be close to someone even when if you don't understand why"

Jill said...

also, being human IS hard!!