Saturday, April 20


"January 24, 2013
Can we please stop talking about romance, blogging about romance, taking pictures of romance and writing poems about romance? My dashboard is full of girls I’ve never seen and words I’ve never used with a desire I’ve never had running like a waterfall down the continuous scroll. I want a woman who… I want a man with… Hands and breasts and eyes each overanalyzed until bloggers have strangely perfect views of future boyfriends and how their girlfriends should dress in the midst of a world and culture that can’t hold a firm opinion for more than a year. Can we let it be magic again? Just admit you don’t know who you are and what you want and let life happen and deal with the fallout. Let change hit you and wash away and spring anew. Forget about love, life, laughter and pull our heads out of the gopher tunnels of internet tubes and look at what’s really there, admit the perfect one isn’t in eye shot and set to bending around the world how it is, making do where you have to, changing it where you can and finding love in all of those places. We’ve closed the doors to anything less than perfect. But I’m not looking for a complete person without crack who’ll laugh at all my jokes and always agree with my decisions, never getting mad at me because I’ve followed my passion instead of theirs – someone whose closet looks like it belongs on my dashboard. It’s broken out there and so am I and I suspect any girl I find will be likewise cracked; that’s where the light comes in."

source:  Facts & Fictions