Saturday, April 20


"January 24, 2013
Can we please stop talking about romance, blogging about romance, taking pictures of romance and writing poems about romance? My dashboard is full of girls I’ve never seen and words I’ve never used with a desire I’ve never had running like a waterfall down the continuous scroll. I want a woman who… I want a man with… Hands and breasts and eyes each overanalyzed until bloggers have strangely perfect views of future boyfriends and how their girlfriends should dress in the midst of a world and culture that can’t hold a firm opinion for more than a year. Can we let it be magic again? Just admit you don’t know who you are and what you want and let life happen and deal with the fallout. Let change hit you and wash away and spring anew. Forget about love, life, laughter and pull our heads out of the gopher tunnels of internet tubes and look at what’s really there, admit the perfect one isn’t in eye shot and set to bending around the world how it is, making do where you have to, changing it where you can and finding love in all of those places. We’ve closed the doors to anything less than perfect. But I’m not looking for a complete person without crack who’ll laugh at all my jokes and always agree with my decisions, never getting mad at me because I’ve followed my passion instead of theirs – someone whose closet looks like it belongs on my dashboard. It’s broken out there and so am I and I suspect any girl I find will be likewise cracked; that’s where the light comes in."

source:  Facts & Fictions

Sunday, April 7


"Because community—the rich kind, the transforming kind, the valuable and difficult
kind—doesn't happen in partial truths and well-edited photo collections on Instagram.
Community happens when we hear each others actual voices, when we enter one
another's actual homes, with actual messes, around actual tables telling stories that ramble on
beyond 140 pithy characters"  -Shauna Niequist

In a witty article about using technology for good instead of evil, I came across this section and it really made me think.

I love the internet. There, I said it. I love blogging and pinning and tweeting and creeping. I think that it's wonderful and I loving seeing how people use it to express themselves. Also, I am mostly under the impression that my life is exciting to other people and I need to share it with them. [did you see the instagram of me brewing my coffee this morning? Ya, I owned that situation.] But I do think that there is a danger in the fabrication. That a time will come when we no longer will be able to recognize the difference between the presented life and the real life. And that when this time comes, we wont realize that its happening.

This scares me.

Because I value the real life. The one that's messy. The one where where we go on adventures, but also get bored and lonely. The one where we can appreciate people and experience joy with them, but also where we fight with each other and think that people suck. Because its in real life where we find real beauty. It's in real people and the way that they are.

The internet does a good job of making us think that other people are living better lives than we are. Which, honestly, is probably true some of the time, but mostly, it's just that they have discovered a better photo editing app than we have, and have perfected how to be funny via status updates. Its a fabrication. And though I am not going to give up the internet any time soon, I think that its important to think about.

I'm onto to you internet.

Friday, April 5

Today, I Need A Lake.

"Lakes are still and peacefull. They are so still and peacefull you want to throw stuff into them. You throw rocks into them, sticks, logs, whatever you can find. The lake can take it. The lake can absorb all the bad energy you got. Go ahead, freak out. The lake's got all day"
 - Blake Nelson, Destroy All Cars.

Because things don't always go as planned.
Because sometimes there is no right answer.
Because when you can see the disaster before it hits, and there is nothing you can do, its not enough to just close your eyes and wait for it.