Thursday, March 7

Sports Day

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When I was in elementary school, near the end of the school year, we would have sports day.

If I remember correctly, none of the activities we did on sports day really classify as "sports" it was more like "go outside and be active" day, because, I mean, the parachute was one of the activities and there is nothing really sporty about making a giant mushroom and sitting inside of it for as long as you can.

We did have track though, and high jump. I have always been just above average height. Even in elementary school, I had just enough of a height advantage to give me that edge in high jump. That edge that won me those blue ribbons for second. I would have given anything to beat that girl for first. Anything. But no matter how much I practiced, I just could not jump like she could jump. The legs on that girl.

There are so many memories attached to sports day, and almost all of them are good.  I remember standing in line beside the big red slide, waiting for our turn in long jump, playing "mailman, mailman" and flirting with the boys. I remember how ridiculous we felt doing shot-put, how impossible it was to throw that stupid heavy ball, and how pointless. I remember skinning our knees out back after school practicing triple jump on the pavement because the steps were just so fun.

Those were the days of freedom. Of sunshine and shorts and dorky pink visors. No classrooms or lectures or desks. The days before cliques and "your" friends and "my" friends. We were just kids, and we knew more about the world and about how to love life and love people than most adults I know today.

To this day, when I smell sunscreen, I feel joy. It brings me back instantly to the overwhelming feeling of the freedom of sports day and everything that it represented.

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