Saturday, January 26

Coffee Drinkers.

I want to be the type of coffee drinker who doesn't talk about it. Someone who doesn't use unbearable coffee inspired cliches to describe their passion, someone who doesn't continually overwhelm people with hyped up chitter chatter about the beverage. Someone who just loves it, and who knows they love it and doesn't need to talk about how much they love it. I want to be the type of coffee drinker who doesn't need it. Someone who drinks it everyday but wouldn't have to, if they chose not to. Someone who appreciates it, but doesn't obsess over it. Someone who quietly enjoys all of the possibilities with coffee. I understand that latte art and the way nonfat milk looks as it swirls its way into dark roast and perfectly pulled shots are not the most meaningful aspects of life. But a lot about knowing how to be happy in life comes from being able to enjoy the little things.

Growing up, coffee was one of those things that I didn't have a choice about. I was going to be a coffee drinker, that I knew from a young age, as I watched my grandmother make pot after pot while we watched old looney tunes re-runs and played kick the can until my mother and her mother ran out of words. I knew it as I watched my parents serve coffee at every opportunity and for all types of guests. Coffee was something you had to get used to unless you wanted to be that awkward adult who asked for water when they went visiting, or who only had coffee [expired] in the house for visitors, because as a child, visiting was the only real thing I was sure about of adult life. Coffee was a must, but little did I know that the -must- part comes, not out of a visiting ritual, but a need for that one thing that understands that this moment matters. That right here, in this breath and this silence, life is what it is, and its beautiful.

I want to be the type of coffee drinker who doesn't forget that.

Also, I would like it in a big cup.

"you know when you go to someones house and they offer you a mug that's a little bit small, and it's kinda wack. And you're like, well I could use about 20 more sips but thanks for the thimble of tea." -Molls  [Hello Giggles]

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