Sunday, September 9

That One Time When Ryan Gosling And I Were Soulmates

Summer is ending, and this means many sad things. One of these sad things is the end of the perfect Starbucks drink. A nonfat no classic half sweet coconut iced coffee with milk.

It is the prefect drink for a couple of reasons.

1. Nonfat milk.

7 months ago my gall bladder and I disowned each other and until I have it removed any other kind of milk would mean 7 hours of excruciating pain and a visit to the ER. no thank you.

2. Alllll The goodness, Half the Sweetness.

I LIKE the taste of coffee more than the taste of sugar.


I freaking adore coconut. Anything coconut is my favs. Except coconut water. There is nothing good about the taste of coconut water.

4. Iced Coffee.

I LOVE my Coffee and I LOVE my Coffee COLD!

5. Ryan Gosling.

LONG STORY short - one of the barista's at my local Starbucks is dating a girl who lives in Toronto, who also works at Starbucks. She was at work one day and Ryan Gosling came in and ordered my drink. MY DRINK. exactly the same. every specific change.

I'm not going to say it means anything, the fact that we have the exact same taste in coffee, but I'm not going to say it doesn't.

Goodbye Summer. Goodbye Perfect Drink.

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