Thursday, March 8

You Have A Voice, Use It.


This is an example of how the power is shifting from the few to the many, and through tools like blogger, twitter, and facebook, we now have the power to use our voice more than ever before.
 There has been a lot of debate about the validity of this cause. There has been a lot of debate about what state African countries will be left in after Kony is arrested, and how we should be focused on establishing stability in the countries he has left behind, such as Uganda, rather than going after Kony. Do I think that stopping Kony will solve every problem in the world, absolutely not. But I would rather get on board and do something than sit back and do nothing because I'm afraid it wont help. Do I think that there are causes worthy of our attention right here in Canada, of course, And I think that we should all be more aware and get involved. But I don't think that we should hesitate to use our voice for good, just because it wont fix everything. Is invisible children the best organization for the job, maybe not, but they are doing something, and here are some facts that invisible children has put out there in response to peoples skepticism, if you choose to be critical. I choose to be unreasonably passionate about injustice and the cause to Stop Kony even if it is not perfect, because raising awareness and using the voice I have to promote change might do something good. Is there a chance it will all be for nothing, is there a chance it wont bring change, yes. But is there a chance it will do damage, I don't think so, and those are odds I can live with, because we need to show the world that we care enough to use our voices. I personally don't believe that Invisible Children Inc. has corrupt intentions, I believe that they are in this for the right reasons. But even if there not, even if they are not spending their money wisely, even if they are not being truthful in their claim to be a non-profit organization, even if they are doing this to benefit themselves, if it brings about the arrest of Joseph Kony, if it prevents him from abducting, raping, or killing even one child, I think its worth it. If all we need to do, to ensure that people do not stop looking for him is to show that we care, then lets show that we care. And if it were not for Invisible Children, I wouldn't know anything about Kony or what he has been doing, and if I didn't know about it, then how could I care.

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