Thursday, March 29

I Feel Rainy

It has been one of those weeks. Actually, It has been one of those months.

Sadness:unhappy, despondent, disconsolate, gloomy, downcast, downhearted, dejected.

No. That's not right, that is not how I feel. It's more than that. More without going deeper, how do I express that? Because I have no words. I have no way of expressing this surface level rainy feeling. I am not depressed. When I look at the bigger picture, I feel joy. My life is amazing and I am really excited for all of it. But right now, this week, this month I feel rainy.

Rainy: Synonyms: unenthused, discouraged, melancholy, stuck, puddly.

I feel all rainy and puddly inside and I don't know what to do.

Monday, March 12

This Is My Favourite Thing

I just think this is funny.
So so funny

Just Be You

        I think that in today's day and age we find the concept of just being ourselves a little cliche. Like of course I'm going to be myself, who else could I be? But after watching numerous Single Girls Guide episodes with Erin Foster and reading her articles on Hello Giggles and on her blog, Totally Confident and Completely Insecure, it has hit me that this concept is so so so important for us to grasp. For the past little while I have really embraced who I am and the things about me that I maybe used to be ashamed of. Like the way I laugh so so loudly sometimes, and the way I talk ultra fast when I have something I need to say, or the way that when I get excited about something, I just go bananas. This has not always been the case. I used to take on the impressions of the people around me who led me to believe that I was annoying or childish, but the truth is that those things I do are just a part of who I am and when it comes to me, you just have to take the whole package. Sometimes I'm going to talk your ear off about something you could care less about, and sometimes I'm going to declare that I'm just too funny, more often than is appropriate. But I will also love you more than you realize, all the time and be there for you when you need to just get wild and cut off all your hair. There are good and bad qualities about everyone and it would be unfair for us to think that we can just pick and choose which things we want a person to act upon and which we do not. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for self improvement and if a friend who is near and dear to your heart approaches you about an area in your life that they feel needs help, I believe that you should respectfully consider it, but I don't think that we should let others impressions of us shape us into the people we are trying to force ourselves to become. If you just be you, completely and fully, all the time, then the types of people, be it friendships or relationships, who are going to compliment your personality the best will be drawn to you, and the people who you are going to spend your whole life trying to impress, wont have a space in your life to input their negativity. Not to mention how awkward it is when we try to act like some other person who we think is either really cool or more interesting than us. You were not made to be anybody but you and until you embrace that quirky, loving, beautiful soul that you have, your just going to exhaust yourself and end up feeling like life's greatest disappointment. We all want to belong, but its when belonging becomes more important to you then being who you are that there is a problem. Are you still going to have moments where you feel inadequate at life? Are you still going to wonder how anyone will ever love you after you ditch all your friends for 2 weeks to spend time with your new bunny named Oscar? Are you still going to want to grab the attention of that cute boy from English lit? Yeah, but you'll figure it out with time, bunnies are always worth it and your probably pretty cool and he's probably just already in love with you, so be yourself and go for it. There is no one else out there quite like you, don't rob the world of the opportunity to experience how great you are.

Shout out to the lovely Erin Foster for her inspiration annnnd you should all go check out her stuff because she is the shit.

Thursday, March 8

You Have A Voice, Use It.


This is an example of how the power is shifting from the few to the many, and through tools like blogger, twitter, and facebook, we now have the power to use our voice more than ever before.
 There has been a lot of debate about the validity of this cause. There has been a lot of debate about what state African countries will be left in after Kony is arrested, and how we should be focused on establishing stability in the countries he has left behind, such as Uganda, rather than going after Kony. Do I think that stopping Kony will solve every problem in the world, absolutely not. But I would rather get on board and do something than sit back and do nothing because I'm afraid it wont help. Do I think that there are causes worthy of our attention right here in Canada, of course, And I think that we should all be more aware and get involved. But I don't think that we should hesitate to use our voice for good, just because it wont fix everything. Is invisible children the best organization for the job, maybe not, but they are doing something, and here are some facts that invisible children has put out there in response to peoples skepticism, if you choose to be critical. I choose to be unreasonably passionate about injustice and the cause to Stop Kony even if it is not perfect, because raising awareness and using the voice I have to promote change might do something good. Is there a chance it will all be for nothing, is there a chance it wont bring change, yes. But is there a chance it will do damage, I don't think so, and those are odds I can live with, because we need to show the world that we care enough to use our voices. I personally don't believe that Invisible Children Inc. has corrupt intentions, I believe that they are in this for the right reasons. But even if there not, even if they are not spending their money wisely, even if they are not being truthful in their claim to be a non-profit organization, even if they are doing this to benefit themselves, if it brings about the arrest of Joseph Kony, if it prevents him from abducting, raping, or killing even one child, I think its worth it. If all we need to do, to ensure that people do not stop looking for him is to show that we care, then lets show that we care. And if it were not for Invisible Children, I wouldn't know anything about Kony or what he has been doing, and if I didn't know about it, then how could I care.

Monday, March 5

She Dreamt Of Paradise

Life is interesting.

I sat down five hours ago to write something honest and clever

this document has been open the whole time

Instead I spent a wonderful amount of time giggling with my roommates, tweet quoting and playing words with friends.

Life is beautiful.