Thursday, February 16

Something That You Could Not Live Without

It has occurred to me that I tend to fall completely and insanely in love with ridiculous things. Things that most people don't think about as often as I do. Like having long hair, like living in the city, like some of the most unlikely of boys, like the colour teal, like damask wallpaper, like when the next appropriate time would be to have more coffee, like Blair Waldorf. I don't understand why certain things inspire me, I don't understand why certain colours make me want to giggle, but they do and I embrace it because life is hard and short and I don't want to waste it being grumpy. I want to laugh for no reason at everything, because I think life is funny. And I think we all should.

We need to be free more often. We need to just smile at strangers and spend hours crafting and care more about people and wear red lipstick and sit in coffee shops to people watch and have irrational crushes... because we want to and we can and because we believe that those are good enough reasons. I think we should embrace everyday instead of holding out until the weekend. I think that we need to come to an agreement that Mondays can be fun days if only we chose to view them that way. I think that we should listen to the same song over and over again if that will help us to be happier. I think that we need to decide on a favourite vegetable already and eat it everyday because its the right thing to do, understanding that there are going to be days where you just need to stay in bed and cry and eat things that are terrible for you while watching endless episodes of your favourite tv show, knowing that it's okay and that you won't have to feel guilty about it. But not everyday. Because the mountains and the sunsets and the cute little bunnies are all out there and what's the point of them if you don't go outside and let them take your breath away.

So I think I'm okay with falling insanely in love with ridiculous things because I am insanely in love with life and I intend to life mine to the fullest.

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sunyday said...

I wish I was you! Wish I knew how to love life!