Thursday, January 26

Now You're Just Somebody That I Used To Know

It's hard when your friends grow up. When they get lives, and relationships, and futures that don't include you. Its hard when life is too busy for the people who make you happy. We are all just running around trying to figure everything out. We forget about the things that don't need to be figured out. The things that are simple. Like Sundays. And hanging out. And how they used to go together. It's getting to the point where I spend more time with my books and my paint brushes and a word document, then I do the people I used to call my best friends. Part of that is my fault, for I stopped calling. But I just got tired of busy schedules that never corresponded and texts that never got answered. I wish I could just go back for a day or two. To being younger than this almost an adult stage. Where our lives were pretty much set in stone until graduation and all we had to do was make what we could of the time we had together. I miss the days where homework wasn't as important as the swing set and where road trips weren't a financial burden but a great way to spend the money you didn't need form that part time job you had for fun. I wish that as we got older instead of becoming the stuffy adults we swore we never would become, we would all just laugh more and care less. That we would make time for one another regardless of priorities that don't make sense. I wish that we expressed how much we value our friendship with our actions not just our words. Basically I just wish I didn't have to miss everybody so much.


Jill said...

Well spoken

Steph said...

Hm, this makes me think of my own life. Things have changed so dramatically and quickly since 2 years ago. I miss the things that "used to be". Sometimes I want to go back, at other times I'm completely content with where I am.