Thursday, December 1

Yeah, So Sometimes I'm a Total Creep

There is the cutest guy sitting across the room from me in Starbucks. Not cute in his looks, but cute in his attitude. He is sharing, just within my creeping ear's reach, to his friend about this girl he just started dating. He wouldn't be more excited if he was Sophie on her Ellen and Nicki Minaj funded shopping spree. He is going crazy trying to explain to his friend how fast he is falling for the girl he once saw to be exactly like him, but is now realizing is the perfect balance of opposite with the same interests. Where he gets stressed out, she helps him see how prepared he is, where she bottles up emotions, he allows her to share them in a safe and vulnerable space. He explains his excitement as she opens up more and more to him and shows him her emotional side, and he is almost brought to tears as he does it. He's worried about moving to fast as he can already see how hurt he will be if it ends. He is invested in this girl and that worries him.

I hope she doesn't break his heart.

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