Wednesday, December 28

Just Be Happy

It seems so simple. To just decide to be happy. In life we all have choices, when we wake up, when we come across situations that are difficult, when we experience the little joys in life. I want to choose to be happy through all of them. Sometimes I just don't know how.

Here is my reminder

Things to be happy about:
(in no particular order)

1. floral print
2. tv marathons
3. summer vacation
4. swimming in the lake
5. drawing on foggy windows
6. Jesus
7. homemade bread
8. family
9. hardcore sledding
10. undiscovered great music
11. board game nights
12. grass stained knees
13. growing your own pumpkins
14. feather pillows
15. sheets from the dryer
16. flip flop tans
17. real gentlemen
18. hysterical laughter
19. sleeping in
20. bronzer
21. online shopping
22. anything from the 80's
23. home videos
24. crushing on someone new
25. paper mail from a person not a business
26. road trips
27. sisters
28. bunnies
29. overhearing something kind
30. long hair (I know I broke my promise)
31. swing sets
32. when you cannot stop giggling
33. serenading the person in the car next to you at a stop light
34. singing in the shower
35. musical birthday cards
36. apps that do everything
37. when your mom makes you fudge
38. your childhood shows taped to vhs
39. pinterest for hours
40. tattoos
41. sleeping on the trampoline
42. water fights
43. talking to your pets
44. coffee
45. getting lost on YouTube
46. British accents
47. penguin dives
48. sunsets
49. all night monopoly games with grandma
50. dancing like nobody's watching

love this video posted by Hellogiggles 

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