Thursday, December 1

I Meant To Post This A Week and A Half Ago. The Draft Folder Is Greedy.

I should be wring a paper right now. No really. It's not like I just could be writing it, or it would be nice if I got it done, but I Really Should be writing a paper right now. I am going to hate myself tomorrow. But I can't. I don't want to. I'd rather write here, where nobody's grading me, or judging my style and argument choice. My degree isn't resting on the thoroughness of this post. My grammar does not matter here and I can write sentences that go on forever and never stop and have way to many "ands" in them and are difficult to read but are tremendously satisfying. I am starting to feel it. The just past mid-november blues have struck and the finish line is too far off to bring hope. I feel beat. I am underslept, over tired, under caffinated, and overwhelmed. I am a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Of I can do it's and I'm dropping out's. Maybe I'm not cut out for it

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Z.Stauf said...

dear emily, thank you for your wonderfully written blogs. they are beautifully original. Refreshing, like a good cup of coffee.