Sunday, November 20

Death is Tragedy, No Matter What Age

When somebody young dies, the community hurts for them, for their loss of opportunity, for their shortened destiny. We hurt for those that knew them, for their loss, for their suffering, for all the hours and days they will being missing them. We don't understand why it happens, we don't know how to respond. tragedy hits the unexpected. But when somebody old dies, we smile. We smile for the life they lived, for it's fullness. We celebrate the life they lived, though sometimes all we want to do is scream. Why is tragedy stripped away from the deaths of the elderly. Because it's expected? inevitable? I think these are the greatest tragedy's of all. To have know someone for so long that you can't fathom life without them, yet have to. For the person shaped hole they leave in the universe. The grandmother shaped hole, the father shaped hole, the mother shaped hole. They mean the world to somebody, but we don't treat it so. Labeling loss as inevitable is a tragedy of its own. It's important to smile when we remember them, to celebrate the life they lived, amidst the loss you feel, but its all tragic, maybe not to you, but to somebody.

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