Thursday, November 24

Controversy is My Middle Name

In my children's literature class we are graded partially for our participation in class discussion. Now talking comes naturally to me. I like doing it, I am often found doing it, and I am often found doing it at inappropriate times. But when i comes to class, I just can't. I don't what it is, I'm not shy, I just do not feel like imputing my ideas during class. Our Prof made it very clear that if we were to participate in discussion after the group presentations she would SERIOUSLY take that into account when giving us our participation marks, making the groups feel good about themselves yada yada, so I go for it, I'm prepared. I decide today, that I will participate. I will say something! And what happens? A group presents on Coraline. Perfect. I already am very passionate about the movie, I saw it once. and I can feel my blood pumping as they declare that it is really good teaching material for children, as it teaches them that life is not all puppies and rainbows and that it can be hard, you know that allowing children to watch a movie with demonic chanting and creepy Satan-like characters and child soul saving and eye ball mutilating is showing them that the world is real. I was cut short due to the class ending right as I made my first point and I left in a furious state of mind. Go figure. The one time I have something to input and I can't even get 2 cents in. This movie is an abomination and "people" who declare that "when they brought it over to the house they were babysitting for and showed the children the movie without the parents consent, they loved it" should be imprisoned. If this is your defense then why beat around the bushes with it. Why don't we just show all kindergarten classes the entire saw series, that will show them that life is hard and scary and unsafe.

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