Sunday, September 25

The End Of Something Good Must Mean The Begining Of Something Wonderful

So just over a week ago something tragic happened.

My phone broke up with me.

Like packed up its bags and left, I have no idea where to

It wasn't the greatest phone in the world.

I paid for more than i got with it. every month.

But it was square and cute.

And its gone.

I looked for it like you wouldn't believe.


like everywhere normal, then everywhere random. the cutlery drawer, the deep freeze.

I couldn't find it.

after 3 days and probably very important missed phone calls from starbucks saying they want to hire me, i gave up and got a replacement

an Iphone 4


I am in love.

1 comment:

Jess said...

rip. cute square phone. ....i actually loved that phone too, so cool!

but hey, Iphone 4s are where its at!