Friday, September 30

It's a Case of Me and My Wishful Thinking

Today was the perfect fall day. It was warm, but crisp. sunny, but with beautiful clouds, and the air smelt of a campfire, the night of, not the morning after.


Wednesday, September 28

Cuz My Want To

the answer a four year old gave me for why he came to daycare in a suit and tie. well If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me

I'm never leaving my bed

cuz my want to

Sunday, September 25

The End Of Something Good Must Mean The Begining Of Something Wonderful

So just over a week ago something tragic happened.

My phone broke up with me.

Like packed up its bags and left, I have no idea where to

It wasn't the greatest phone in the world.

I paid for more than i got with it. every month.

But it was square and cute.

And its gone.

I looked for it like you wouldn't believe.


like everywhere normal, then everywhere random. the cutlery drawer, the deep freeze.

I couldn't find it.

after 3 days and probably very important missed phone calls from starbucks saying they want to hire me, i gave up and got a replacement

an Iphone 4


I am in love.

Saturday, September 17

A Fear of Horses or Somthing Like That

"I am reluctant to go horseback riding in fear of people thinking I am one of those.... horse loving people. You know the ones. I mean, do I like horses? sure. I watched seabiscuit. Would I watch it again? probly not." -sister

So there is something I have been keeping from you guys.
It involves something I am afraid of
and it involves horses

but its not what you think.

I am not afraid of horses specifically, I am afraid of a phenomenon.

it is taking over our friends, our co-workers, and our younger siblings.
people all around us are being swept up by love

A love for horses.

You know exactly who I mean.

it starts then your 7, a simple affection for an animal typical of children your age. but when the horse themed calendar turns into a horse themed bedroom, the slippery slop starts to slide.

Not all people who like horses take it too far. My cousin happens to be very fond of the animals and she rides and my crazy loving uncle has even build her a barn, sleepover loft included where they can keep horses of their own. But some people, Some people have an unnatural affection for these creatures and I for one am afraid. Not of them specifically either, for I have never heard of a rampaging horse lover come at anyone with one of their figurines. no no. What I am afriad of lies more along the lines of being mistaken for one of these kinds of people.

this fear came up one day when talking to my sister (a fellow "people-are-going-to-think-i'm-one-of-them-phobia holder") about a new horse movie that was coming up. the title is irrrelevat for two reasons. 1 i don't remember it. and 2 these movies are all the same.

Going to a movie like this is the gateway for getting a horse lover reputation. That and going horse back riding for fun.

The seriousness of the situation became apparent to me at the sight of this photo

how far will this go? where is the line?

And then again at the movies tonight with a preview for yet another, dying beloved horse/and or family horse wins race and saves dying family member through pure warming of the heart, flick.

My sister looked at me. and I looked at her. we knew what the other was thinking. we paused looked back at the preview and she said. "Another horse movie? I feel like I should get up and leave."



Thursday, September 15

Just Let Me Run Where I Want To Run, Just Let Me Love Who I Want

Sometimes I'm frustrated with knowing what you want for me.

Because it's not always what I want

Wednesday, September 14


I stumbled upon this playlist on my new favourite website which will require further posts to reveal the wonders I'm finding

I know what I'm listening to all day

Friday, September 9

I Become What I Always Hated

There once was a girl who's hair never grew

this is a sad story.