Tuesday, August 16

Oh Honey

summer camp is my slow death.

Its wonderful. and I am growing and I am realizing who I am and who I am in Christ more and more everyday, and I am more in love with life everyday, but It is killing me slowly. I have what they call one of the easy jobs, being the head lifeguard and all. I do have a wicked tan and get my evenings off, but having an, "easy job" makes it all that much harder when it is hard, because you have no one to share your burdens with. No one who could even honestly listen, for they're all thinking I need to get over myself and realize how good I have it.
I know I have it good, but that doesn't make me less tired. that doesn't make me miss home less, and it doesn't protect my heart from the trauma that its exposed to when you spread yourself this thin emotionally.

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