Thursday, May 19

Every Time I See You, I'm Hittin Slow-Mo

Imagine if you will, a cup with a lid and a straw, sitting on the flat area of a dashboard. Then picture on open window to the right and an ipod playing Down with Webster beside the cup on the dashboard. Now picture an abrupt corner and a tipping cup, all in slow motion as you look in astonoshment at the lid popping off and the contents flowing out over the ipod down the side of the door and right out the window. The ipod is a survivor. The entire car smells like rootbeer.

Saturday, May 7

The Ponderings Of My Mind, Or Crutial Overthinking

It is possible that there is more than one version of our self.
That without being any sort of two face, there are different characteristics about us, different attitudes that we may hold and different habits and ideas that we cling to.
Possibly depending on who we surround our lives with.
Not that people change us, but that we have different opportunities to express different sides of ourselves depending on who we are with.
like changing an outfit depending on which venue you are planning to attend.
For you would not wear a ball gown to the movies, or blue jeans to a wedding, would you?
Just the same you would not play house with your college buddies, or go tanning with the children you babysit.
Do we act different depending on who we are with?
And not just act, but think and feel differently too.
And is it possible that being with certain people could bring out a new side of us. A side we like being, but had never had the opportunity to express before.
And that in not being with them we will never get to experience that side in ourselves.
or is it all nonsense.

Friday, May 6

Guess Who's Back

The sound of the lawn mower came through the back screen door the way it always does after the final snow melt. Reminding me of lawn mower ride days with dad in the back yard with a doll in each arm. It was may and there were signs of summer everywhere. The birds were having what could only be assumed as an argument, on the front yards only tree. welcoming the warm air as they cawed and cooed at each other. The breeze, that got warmer each week, being the only craving for driving around town with the windows down and sunglasses on, even if it was cloudy. The hems of jeans being rolled up twice, for perfect borderline flood pant capris. summer was coming, and anticipation was all we ever felt.