Friday, April 8

Daily Dose

Somewhere in between creating this blog and ranting on it, I forgot all about including what inspires me. The very thing I created it for. What tugs at my heart strings, what gives me the passion I find in writing and reading and beauty. So following are a few things that make my heart turn inside my chest, put a smile on my face, and give me the motivation I need to finish my degree, when school makes me hate life.

1. Old Books

Spending my Saturday in an old library full of old books that smell like wisdom and are picturesque. I love it. and I would so very much love to visit this place. or make it my bedroom.

maybe minus the cat

2. Dancers and Outside, or dancers that are outside.

This picture is everything good in the world. Well some of the good at least. I love ballet. as mentioned before, my ballet career was short winded, but my passion for watching it is still insane and loving the sun shining on a grassy lawn isn't optional. It takes you over with a glance. Its pictures like these that get me through these northern winters.

3. The Eiffel Tower

I have never been to Paris. But for some reason I am captivated by the Eiffel Tower. It is romance in in purest form, or so I am lead to believe by what I can only assume to be movies, songs, and photos such as these. one day ill be there. In Paris, and maybe even in pure romance.

4. The Olsen Twins

Haters gonna hate, but these two are amazing. When you grow up watching them grow up, they become a part of your childhood, and as we all know, once something joyful has become a part of your childhood, its hard to break those ties. I grew up feeling like they were some of my best friends, and to this day, they inspire me. With their style and beauty, and work in the clothing line the row. All it takes is a photo of their wavy blond hair and big sunglasses to put me in an "I can be anyone I choose to be" mood. In a good way of course.

5. Other Writers

I love them. I love English class, other than lengthy papers on specific uninteresting topics and the early morning (okay okay 11 am ) lectures. But the authors we read in class, and the other bloggers I follow. You know who you are, and you inspire me. Lately, especially this guy . maybe from my city. maybe.

so that is 5. I could stay up all night coming up with more. But at least you get a taste of what is like to live in my mind when I'm being inspired.

photos from we heart it, google and here

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I'm a trend setter for "this guy" ahhahahahah