Sunday, March 20

Constantly Locking Me In

It's funny how people can have a hold over you. How no matter how hard you try, short of humiliating yourself, there seems to be no way of breaking free. But yet it's in the hold they have on you that you constantly are greeted with humiliation. In the way you act around them, in the way you make it obvious when all you are trying to is regain control over yourself. Like its not a part of your mind that you can control. It's devastating really. and I am completely frustrated with it.

Let it be put on record that this is in no way my choice and that I will not be taking credit for it any time soon.

I have got to figure out a way to break the hold in a less painful way than I have been engaging in these past few years. it hurts too much and takes too long. Sometimes I feel like God is withholding all the answers.

I used to be so naive, and the more I realize how naive I once was, the more I realize how naive I am now.

1 comment:

Jess said...

tell me about it. I know exactly how it feels.
love you girl :)