Sunday, July 25

If You're Lucky Enough To Be At The Beach, You're Lucky Enough.

Beach adventures are slowing becoming my favourite part of each day, because what would each day be if I didn't spend it sun tanning in the o naturelle sun rays. The air was hot and salty. The sand was warm and sticky. The water was blue and freezing. and it was fabulous. I got sand in places sand should never be, I got tanning oil in my hair, and, I got a tan.

Thursday, July 22

Summer And Me, Peas I Tell You, Peas

I love sunshine. I love what it does to my skin, I love what it does to my hair, i love the way it make me sleepy. I love the way it makes my bronzer shine. I love the way it looks as it fights its way through the clouds in streaky rays. I love the way it warms me up. and I love that its shinning right now.

Tuesday, July 6

Obsession Is For The Strong

I have had an obsession with long hair my entire life. And do not take the word obsession lightly here. I'm talking about a twilight crazed teenage girl kind of obsession, for long hair. when I was five I used to put tights on my head and put them into a pony tail and wear them all day long pretending that my hair was that long. that obsessed. I used to cry after hair appointments because the dead, very necessarily removed hair was gone and I was left with an average length mess.

I have dreamt about the day when my hair would touch my waist. long, perfect. But I never seem to reach that point. The unattainable goal. The reason I am so unsuccessful, the down side to my obsessive nature, is that I also have an obsession with being impulsive. Not as intense of a desire, but a less easily controlled one. Every once and a while when I go for a hair cut, I turn into crazy, less responsible Emily, and i tell the hair dresser to chop six or more inches off, why not, I was bored and needed a change. Change? Go buy a new shirt, Emily. Add streaks, switch shampoos, but never ever avert from the plan.

More recently than my last hair cut of disastrous amounts, I have created an obstacle too large to get around in my long hair dreams. I have visioned for my long, perfect hair to be blonde and the toll it has taken on my hair is astronomical. Not that I wouldn't want brunette waist length, anti-amish styled hair, its just that its so much more magnificent when its blonde, In my mind of course, in my day dreams, and even some of my night ones, as I am yet to reach my goal and am sporting a light, average lengthed cut, that I am doomed to hold for the rest of eternity.