Friday, February 26

Just Love

So last night I watched Twilight and New Moon. back to back. Well to be honest I fell asleep somewhere near the end of New Moon and finished it this morning. But it was back to back none the less. I can't wait for New Moon to come out on DVD so that I can watch it in a version that wasn't recorded in the theatre [not by me, I just search engined it up] because I mean really, what's the point of watching it if you can't see Jacob's abs in full HD detail. er I mean. the sound was fuzzy. In watching it again, although Jacob is a hawtee, I have to say that there is no way I am trading teams, ever. Sorry Wolfboy. You can woo, but you have got a whole lot to learn about love. I also discovered a brilliant point in the argument of how guys think that the twilight fantasy is only setting girls up to have unrealistic expectations for their boyfriends. Fact: most girls don't actually want to date a Vampire, or any other weird mythical creature who happens to glitter in the sun. Its weird and not what were after. The part about Edward that draws us in has nothing to do with fantasy, or unrealistic abilities. We are attracted to his love. He loves her, for exactly what she is. so much, too much in fact. and that is what we want. We don't want you to drink deer blood. We don't want you to climb mountains with out breaking a sweat, We don't even need to you to give up your world for us, we just want love. So strong that nothing can break it. So passionate that just sitting in the same room as us will make your heart race. And so deep that it wont matter who or what gets in the way, You will have no choice but to love. That is all. Just love.

Friday, February 5

Noticing You Noticing Me

So I am lately obsessed with LookBook. this like online blog/tumbler of posted fashion shots. I am mostly in love with the titles that go with each photo, but the outfits and hairstyles are good for the eyes.

some of my favourites


Wednesday, February 3

It's Time

Consider this the moment, you know the moment where you look back and see that it was then when everything took a turn for the better. and if it were not for those baby steps you would never be in the place you are now.