Sunday, January 17

New Place New Food

After successfully unpacking all of my boxes, and having no where to put my clothes but the floor, I have officially moved in and I couldn't be happier. I love the corner lot we live on, I love the city air, i even love the green lights on our very own kitchen appliances. I love that because its a basement suite its chilly and you need to layer up, and I especially love that I get to be with melissa and leanne every single day. What I don't love is Rickshaw Chinese Food. Before my mother left she took me and mel out for chinese and lets just say that it was less than par. Now my standards for chinese aren't very high. I mean I would like to be able to eat it without the puking till dawn effect afterwards, but other than that all I ask is for my chow mein to be slimy not puffy and my honey garlic pork not to be crunchy. is that too much? I think not. Oh Dragon Gate. how I miss you.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes clothes just belong on the floor.

ihavenorhythm said...

First of all, you ordered all the wrong stuff. Your fault, NOT mine!
Second, last time you picked a place to go I got food poisoning.