Sunday, January 10

Darling.. I don't know how to tell you this... But there's a Chinese family in our bathrrom

Cute. Perfect. Also, my favourite movie.. for right now.

I don't know if its the melancholy can't-stop-smiling-even-though-life-for-him-is-the-pits soundtrack, or the way it made me feel to watch someone else experience one-way love with no hope of return, or the immediate, "Of course I like you", accompanied with that sheepish adorable smile of Tom's. or maybe its just the fact that it has Zooey DeChannel in it and she is a total bitch. But something has got me screaming movie of the year from the rooftop.

It's funny really, because if the roles were reversed. and Summer was a man and Tom was a pathetic love sick female, nobody would think twice about the way summer leads tom on a whim with no intensions of becoming serious. The way she treats him like dirt and then takes a "large shit on his face, literally" It would seem normal, and no one would feel sorry for Tom. But Tom is a boy. And the heart breaker is a girl. and for some reason, this just doesn't sit well with people. For some reason, it makes people realize what we, the other side of the story, have been going through all these years.

500 Days Of Summer. Perfection that will have you relentlessly, inevitably, torturously in love.

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