Saturday, November 14

Like Numb Toes On An Olso Sidewalk

I want for snow so badly and yet instead of *wish granted* it's been more like, *here is this what you want......nah I'm taking it back* 

Dear Snow

First of all I would like to thank you for gracing us with your presence with a morning surprise, a few days before the first of November, regardless of the fact that broke your promise, we appreciated your visit, and respeted that you were gone in a few days, leaving us a leafless fall dry-to-the-bone halloween, just the way we like it. But snow, you have been slow at stepping up to the bar. That was until today, as I was on my way to work, and i noticed a flake, just one, float its way down to the windshield. Instant Joy. By the time I had reached the Lordco parking lot, Snow Was Everywhere! It was one of the best moments of my day. Finally, I had thought. I mean, snow you had been slacking on your side of the bargain. the deal is you hold out till halloween, then you get to blizzard us for many many days in return, while we go and enjoy ourselves with last minute ski holidays, a custom I was quite fond of, but halloween came and left, and your promises fell through. I was ashamed of you, until you regained yourself this morning. Or so I thought. Look outside snow. You have left again. And I see nothing but bare streets and empty yards. Get with the program. 

Yours Truly


ihavenorhythm said...

Oh Snow, always a disappointer. Just the other day we had hail, but no flakes yet.

I love your new page. It seems like every day I come and it's redone :)

Emily Derksen said...
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