Wednesday, November 11

I'd Rather Feel Pain Than Nothing At All

I am in a pickle. Not literally though, how awful that would be, no matter how much you love pickles. But I am here. Stuck, Confused and Dying for more. What are you supposed to do in a situation like this. Feelings, what an understatement. Tell you. thats what people say, when a friendship gets to this point, to bring it up, that you can no longer go on hanging out with them and their petty conversations and off the shoulder laughter pretending. For I can no longer look into your eyes and breathe. And then bring it up, you would. all casual like. what was I supposed to say. Nothing of course, for thinking is not one of your hobbies apparently. And we all no it meant nothing, just boy, its my new definition for all things screwed up. Bringing it up would only bring pain, for I know you. and I know what you would say. To go on like this, or forever ruin everything. I hate pickles


setyourselfonfire said...

hey hun thanks for dropping by my blog. i change the header every now and then to keep things fresh and different. my style and taste is always moving and evolving and so i like to have a play around with the design and layout of my blog from time to time. Sorry you don't seem to like the new header very much :( But i quite like myself! All the best x

Miss Vintage Vixen said...


Emily, you're so funny!

Plus, thank you for following my blog...

I hate pickles!

kapeesh said...

love your blog :)

ihavenorhythm said...

You are beautiful and witty and brilliant and pepsi-loving. If he can't see those things for himself, he is just plain dumb.
I love you for these things and so much more.
I'm sorry you're stuck; if I were a tugboat I'd pull you out. I'm sorry you're confused; if I were a machine that doesn't exist yet, I'd wipe your memory. I'm sorry you're dying; if I were defibrillators I would keep you alive forever. But since I am just Leanne, I'll just sit here halfway across the province and cry with you.

Emily Derksen said...

I love you leanne