Sunday, November 15

You Are Wild And I'm In Your Pocession

Not Ben and I, but adorable none the less

Okay so I want to begin this post by declaring that I am in no way shape or form a cat lady. Never will be. The typical cat lady spends her time talking to her cats in a whiney voice, naming them all super stereotypical cat names like midnight and fluffy, making sure her babies[the cats] are okay, asking them questions they never respond to, and not going out in the sun. Okay I made that last one up, but there could be such a thing as a vampire gone cat lady, right, no, maybe, anyway. I am not a cat lady, or a cat person for that matter. I don't like them all to much, I wouldn't go as far as saying I hate cats, cause I don't. I just don't like all the hair and the sneezing and the clawing, BUT>>> I happen to love Benjamin. and he is in fact a kitten.

Now before you get all >>contradictor>> ban from cyber space on me. let me explain

Benjamin was my get out of boredom free ticket and I have been in love with him ever since. He was the smallest, most fragile little thing I had ever seen and his constant cry for his siamese mother had me awwing and ooing for days. He and I have grown to be great friends and I love him to bits. He has gotten quite a lot bigger, but has yet to reach the 6 months mark, and is a kitten in my eyes. Benjamin and I go on adventures in the living room, watch out for each other against the sister and get into fights as most friends do. But at the end of play time he goes back outside, where cats belong, in his little house beside the sliding door, filled with doll blankets from the munchkins playroom.

I have grown so fond of him, him and I, Benjamin and Emily. The Two Musketeers

Saturday, November 14

Like Numb Toes On An Olso Sidewalk

I want for snow so badly and yet instead of *wish granted* it's been more like, *here is this what you want......nah I'm taking it back* 

Dear Snow

First of all I would like to thank you for gracing us with your presence with a morning surprise, a few days before the first of November, regardless of the fact that broke your promise, we appreciated your visit, and respeted that you were gone in a few days, leaving us a leafless fall dry-to-the-bone halloween, just the way we like it. But snow, you have been slow at stepping up to the bar. That was until today, as I was on my way to work, and i noticed a flake, just one, float its way down to the windshield. Instant Joy. By the time I had reached the Lordco parking lot, Snow Was Everywhere! It was one of the best moments of my day. Finally, I had thought. I mean, snow you had been slacking on your side of the bargain. the deal is you hold out till halloween, then you get to blizzard us for many many days in return, while we go and enjoy ourselves with last minute ski holidays, a custom I was quite fond of, but halloween came and left, and your promises fell through. I was ashamed of you, until you regained yourself this morning. Or so I thought. Look outside snow. You have left again. And I see nothing but bare streets and empty yards. Get with the program. 

Yours Truly

Wednesday, November 11

I'd Rather Feel Pain Than Nothing At All

I am in a pickle. Not literally though, how awful that would be, no matter how much you love pickles. But I am here. Stuck, Confused and Dying for more. What are you supposed to do in a situation like this. Feelings, what an understatement. Tell you. thats what people say, when a friendship gets to this point, to bring it up, that you can no longer go on hanging out with them and their petty conversations and off the shoulder laughter pretending. For I can no longer look into your eyes and breathe. And then bring it up, you would. all casual like. what was I supposed to say. Nothing of course, for thinking is not one of your hobbies apparently. And we all no it meant nothing, just boy, its my new definition for all things screwed up. Bringing it up would only bring pain, for I know you. and I know what you would say. To go on like this, or forever ruin everything. I hate pickles