Wednesday, September 16

Your The Only Thing That Makes Sense

Sitting here, freshly showered and and hydrated, listening to snow patrol just thinking. Thinking about life, thinking about wanting to re-paint my toenails, thinking about Ellen on American Idol, and thinking about all my failed attempts at relationships. You know, your usual wednesday afternoon topics. When is it time. For the mess and the feelings and the drama to quit and for it to work out. just waiting for it and being sick of it all at the same time. Even now as I sit here and the cool breeze from the window refreshes my skin with a shiver I feel anxious, but I don't even know why. Thats when I realized it. It's here, right here, right now. Love. And it didn't take months of confusion with no change, No hurt or pain with the yo-yo effect of emotions. Love. How come I always forget how much I am in love with Him. God your the only thing that makes sense.

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ihavenorhythm said...

For indescribable reasons, this made me shiver, choke up, hurt for you, hurt for me, want to cry, and need to laugh...all within 30 seconds.
I love you, Emily Derksen. I always have and I always will.