Tuesday, April 21

Go Your Own Way, Even Seasons Have Changed, Just Burn Those New Leaves Over

So today is day 8 on the countdown. In one week tomorrow I will be headed to the airport. And I will spend the month of May in Thailand. Oh blissful travel and unplanned adventure. Will you prove yourself to be as chaotic as expected and as life changing as planned. Lets just hope I dont want to take to many of the kidlets home with me.

This also means the end of the school year. You have been good. You have been hard. You have stretched me in ways that I didn't know was capable. And now as you come to a close will you release me of this gut wrenching feeling that I am walking away from life itself. One year goes by faster than it sounds. and when you narrow it down to 7 months you realize that life, is far from long enough. I am excited and heartbroken to move on from this period of my life. 

Future, you scare me. But I anticipate it with every breath


Jess said...

I love you em!

Emily Derksen said...

if only I could go back to this day and stop time