Monday, March 2

We Dont Look a Day Over Fast Cars and Freedom

The Road Trip

"more down time than a person in a coma"

I did go to California 
I did re-enact the scenes of the OC at Newport Beach over and over in my mind, and possibly a little in person 
I did go to DisneyLand
I did stock up on my favourite American candy: Good and Plenty, although lately they have seemed to be Good and Not Enough
I did visit some of the most amazingly focused churches that God is doing miraculous things through... Does anyone actually realize how much god does
He is huge
I fell in love
With country music
I saw three turtles

1 comment:

ihavenorhythm said...

I wish it was more emotional for you...
I know that for me, standing on Newport beach looking out at the water made me want to die of happiness.