Thursday, March 26

To Find Where I Fit Into Place

Oh Goodness. this week has been an emotional train wreck. I have been up. I have been down. I have laughed so hard it hurt and cried so hard I couldn't breath. everything is up in the air, so I press on. There is a pink rose pinned upside down to my wall, drying out so that it's beauty will remain forever, well at least a little while. I am hoping that in all of this when I crash and burn, when i get to the end of my rope, when i am on the verge of emotional death, God will pick me up and hold me upside down. Taking the ugliness out of the end, and pulling out the beauty that comes when all we have in the world is to rely on him.

1 comment:

Jess said...

This has really encouraged me Em.
I am feeling on the verge of emotional death and it sucks, but thanks for remind myself that God will indeed pick me up, hold me upside down and pull out the beauty..

your a beautiful jem :)