Saturday, March 14

From Embers to Ashes

This always happens to me in the middle of march.

I can feel the end of this semester creeping up on me like the thing that makes you run up the stairs as fast as you can when your the last one to turn out the lights and go up. I know its coming, and even though I cannot see it, its presence changes everything I do. I am feeling more and more the pain I have yet to endure when I say goodbye to the ones I love, fully knowing that this could be the last time I see them. I know this feeling, the pit of my stomach turns and my heart feels like it is being shoved through a tennis racket. I have experienced it before, almost to many times. I have hopes to come and visit, hopes to stay in touch, but hopes almost always fail me. I cant bare the thought of going through life without these people by my side. I cant wake up each morning wondering how they will spend their day, knowing that I cannot join them. I will miss you from the inside out, and although it seems as if it may be to soon to even think about it, we only have less than 10 weekends left. and the thought of summer brings tears to my eyes. Yes I am looking forward all that the summer brings. Yes I know that there can only be good things to come, but I cant help this feeling. The embers are slowing turning into ashes, and without more wood, there is nothing I can do to make it stop. I will never let you leave this place in my heart.

Everything beautiful comes to an end

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katie anne said...

oh emily.. i love you so much.. and that will NEVER change. lets enjoy the rest of the semester.. God is GOOD.. and He has good things in store for your life! i freakin' LOVE you so much! :)