Friday, March 6


This night smells of burnt ashes and broken hearts. I can't take the heat, I cant take the cold. The tension and bitterness has consumed most. Have we forgotten? Do we not remember our love? Passion so huge its life changing. feelings so strong the wind feels faint. Perfection is our enemy. Right now it seems huge. Right now the details matter. But when we grow old we will forget all but our love. we will collect dust on the hard times, only knowing that they brought us close together in heart. If anything these fights, the frustration, the hurt, if anything they should tell of  how deep love goes. and love at its deepest can withstand the tension. love can withstand the bitterness. love can withstand the cold. Just remember the love. for after the ashes fade, and the wounds heal, it is all we will have left in the world. and it is all that we will need.

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Jess said...

I love the way you word things.
this is a great entry and so true.