Wednesday, November 19

The World We Never Knew Of

We've all heard the rumors, that the elderly walk about in the mall before opening hours. But do they really. I mean, even with my extravagant imagination, I thought that a few couples might slowly walk about and window shop for everybody knows seniors cant sleep in past 5:00am, but thats it. People really had no idea of what went on there, including me, until this morning. We went to the mall before any of the stores opened and I discovered a whole new world. There is like a good solid group of elderly people who just walk around the mall for exercise. Now I'm not talking about a cane-holding, walker-aiding, fresh from the pharmacy creaky boned bunch. These people are fit and fiddle and come in their velvet matching sweat suit attire, with their fleecy vests and visors. When they are done circulating the halls they stretch standing in a big group circle, swiveling their hips and touching their toes. They have better coordination and put in more effort than most aerobic classes held at the local reccentre. They then precede to the food court and push some tables together, gather round, drink coffee and gab into the afternoon. It looks a lot like a high school cafeteria, with the talking, laughing and groupings of people, having a blast and enjoying life. This bizarre meeting of the seniors happens regularly and has become a huge part of the retired lifestyle and I find it fascinating.

Wednesday, November 5

This day is a good one for ice cream

This Day, filled with chilled air, sunny skies and the now gone, but still ringing in my ears as clear as ever sound of the RCA kids having gym outside. My hands are numb, but that's to be expected. I like the feeling of winter when it hasn't quite hit yet. You can smell it coming, you can feel it coming, but there is a lack of any evidence that it is on its way. What started off as a casual walk down to Melissa's aunt's house to drop something off, turned into one of the best days in Surrey yet. The air was perfect and the streets were dry. 152 street was busy and crossing the railroad tracks was just as much fun as usual. The identical town-houses of the subdivision were neatly packed into their sardine-like 1/8th of an acre spots, the side walks were trimmed with crunchy leaves and the leftover decorations from Halloween were still present on the few and far between places that hadn't the time or care to remove them. We wandered our way around until finding the correct address, left that oversized envelope with that over-love-filled card in the mailbox. Then preceded to find our way back down this sketchy, amazing road behind the normal route. Whether or not the choice to eat cookie dough ice cream along the freezing cold way was a good idea or not, it still occurred, leaving its ever present sting on the tips of my fingers and the corners of my mouth.